Reduce casting defects--- unique insights from the international master!

browse number:972 date:2017-07-20

In the production process of Casting enterprises, it is difficult to avoid shrinkage, bubbles, segregation and other casting defects which lead to the low rate of the final products. Re-furnace production is facing waste of manpower, power consumption. How to reduce the casting defects is a problem that the casting people have been concerned about.


For the reduction of casting defects, I only agree with the professor from the University of Birmingham John Campbell. John Campbell has a unique insight into reducing casting defects. Researcher Li Dianzhong from Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Metal Research carried out thermal processing process organization simulation and process design. That was done under the direction of Professor John Campbell. Today, we have summarized ten criteria to reduce casting defects which is proposed by the international casting master John Campbell. 

Good castings start with high quality smelting

Once you want to start pouring castings, firstly prepare, check and handle the smelting process. If required, the minimum acceptable standards may be adopted. However, the better option is to prepare and adopt a melting solution close to zero defects.

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